Ensemble palier TIMKEN - AP

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AP bearings are successfully used in many types of industrial applications. This can be attrib-uted to many factors including the bearing’s high load carrying ca-pacity and its adaptability to a wide variety of applications. AdvAnTAGeS OF TiMken AP BeARinGS

 VasoDrive-AP is a research-backed, proprietary ingredient derived from casein produced through a patented fermentation and enzymatic process. This unique process yields two tripeptides, Valyl-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl-Prolyl-Proline(IPP), which have the remarkable effect of inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE).

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
HM129848-90177 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Recessed end cap K399072-90010 Palier aptm industriel 5 mm 2,1 mm 2,8 kg / Weight 5400 1/min / Limitin
Backing ring K85095-90010 Ensemble palier intégré ap 24 mm 9 mm SNR 35,7 mm
HM129848-90219 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Recessed end cap K399072-90010 Ensemble palier TIMKEN - AP ISO 270 mm NUP3132 160 mm
HM129848-90176 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Ensemble palier intégré ap 7,8 kN 63 mm 0,335 7 mm
HM129848-90218 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Backing ring K85095-90010 Dispositif de roulement à rouleaux coniques compacts 65 45 mm 125 kN 65x100x46
HM127446 HM127417XD Cone spacer HM127446XB Ensemble roulement à rouleaux coniques 90x140x24 140.0000 90 0.600
HM124646-90133 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC Recessed end cap K399070-90010 Backing ring K85588-90010 Couvercle intégré 25 42 42 mm 25TAS04
HM124646-90140 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC Code 350 tolerances Application industrielle de palier TIMKEN - AP 0,83 103 mm 169 mm 180
HM124646-90116 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC Palier AP industriel NSK 30 mm 0 2.5
HM124646-90132 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC Backing ring K85588-90010 AP - TM roulements L433749/L433710 295 kN 154 kN 34,5 mm
M241547-90070 M241513D Oil hole and groove on cup - E37462 Palier aptm industriel AST 35,7124 31,75 0.082
HM136948-90296 HM136916D Oil hole and groove on cup - E31318 Ensemble palier intégré ap 42 mm 23 mm 23 18x42x23